What is Blue Zombie?

It is not the tale of a hero out to save the world. It is not the tale of striving to survive in an oppressive society. It's damn sure not about cute fluffy animals.

No shounen-ai. No T&A. No over-the-top violence or mystical journeys or inappropriately underaged harems...

Blue Zombie, like it or not, is the story of an undead girl just struggling to get along with the (after)life... If only it were that simple for her.

Instead, she has to put up with unruly and inhuman roommates, an extremely angry, psycopathic and murderous twin sister, nostalgic demon hunters, magic spells gone horribly wrong with explosive results, dating shows, Counter Strike and killer gelatin.

Intrigued? Read the comic to get the full scoop...

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Gah Cat

Zoey is the damn cutest zombie you'll ever meet... say otherwise and she might eat you... She is a HAND, a dead being brought back to life to act as a servant for anyone wanting a assistance. Despite her brutal abilities, she is a well mannered young who doesn\'t want to hurt anyone. At this moment, little is known about her past- her origins are obscure. She most likely died (or was killed?) sometime around the mid 1900s.
Salis Akidad is Zoey's master. She is a highly trained sorceress who specializes in dark magic (especially voodoo). Salis is very impulsive (just look at that picture!), especially when it comes to dealing with men. Part of her behavior towards others stems from her feelings about herself. She is the youngest child in a family with many daughters- and the least regarded since her magic isn't up to par with her sisters. Because she wanted more flexibility in her life, she quarreled with her family and was cast out by her own mother. Now she lives with her roommates and Zoey in a house in the United States.
Nalan Jones is one of Salis's roommates. She works at a local bar in town. She seems to be the only one that can tolerate the bizarre and often deadly behavior that goes on in the house. Nalan is pretty laid back and calm. It takes a lot to make her angry. It's because of this that she is able to get more dates than Salis (we believe that the Nalan to Salis successful date ratio is something like 50 to 3).
Arilam is a high demon and proud of it. He is often heard cackling high above the city perched on a building on nights of a full moon. Anyway, he is a very powerful demon skilled in the art of shadow magic. Still, he cannot seem to get a date (as is a problem with many demon men with pointed ears and spikey hair...). It may be partly due to the fact that he used to date Salis and then there was a sudden and very emotional break up... For rent's sake, Arilam is also Salis's and Nalan's roommate. Needless to say, the combat never ends. Arilam is Gah's master. He can usually rely on Gah to do menial tasks for him whenever he asks. He doesn't like it, though, when he finds Gah playing Counter Strike instead of doing work.
As a HAND, Gah not only has to balance work and fun, which consists of doing what Arilam asks of him and playing Counter Strike, but keep from making his master mad, which is hard to do. With his addiction of Counter Strike (which he is having a field day playing in the picture on the left) being so engraved in his being Arilam wonders if he is more servile to the computer than to him. Gah is very intelligent and strong. To improve his performance, Arilam has given Gah a second physical form. When activated, he becomes Gah 1.1, a very powerful fighting machine- for only a matter of minutes, though. Gah's origins are unknown to all but Jakal, who met Gah some time long ago for mysterious reasons. It is not even known if Gah is human or not...
Emeradia is Zoey's long lost and very pissed off twin sister. For reasons yet unknown, she is seeking revenge against Zoey for some unspeakable act committed in the past. Emeradia used to be a Hand for Selena, but rebeled and ran away, looking to fight Zoey- a fight that she lost due to intervention from other parties. Now, Emeradia is living under the same roof as Zoey, making things even more interesting...'
Selena Silvarus is a powerful high sorceress who resides in the United Kingdom. She has spent many years studying magic and has made it her life long occupation. Because of her appearance, many believe that she can't be older than thirty, but she has been around for a very long time (and we mean a looooooong time!). Selena used to be Emeradia\'s demanding master, but had to lay the smack down when she rebeled against her. She currently resides in Essex with her pupil, Mattheus.
Mattheus Charles Michaels III is Selena's overprotective pupil. He is skilled in magic, but sometimes overdoes his spells with explosive results. He is cursed with good looks that make many females fall to their knees and beg him to be the father of their children. However, he is very shy around the opposite sex.
Olivia is the oldest of the Akidad sisters. She works in Canada as a doctor and is a loving mother. She is very serious most of the time and holds her family very close to her. The one exception to this was, of course, is her ex-husband whom she divorced while her daughter Lily could hardly even walk.
The second oldest of the Akidad sisters, Ellis is a laid back cigarette-smoking artist living in an apartment in Paris. She does freelance work for those who are willing to pay (painting, web page design, photography, character design, etc). She is dedicated to the path of magic and developed a great disgust for Salis when she didn't want to follow in the family's footsteps. Some years back, Ellis ordered a Hand through the Sorcery Service. She was expecting a very skilled grade 'A' zombie, but the order was mixed up and she was presented with Zoey. Instead of throwing Zoey out, she gave her to Salis, who was itching to have her own Hand.
Lily is Olivia's daughter. She is already in the beginning stages of studying magic, though she is still too young to cast spells. She loves her mother and father dearly, even though they are divorced and she hardly sees her father. She also loves the rest of her family equally as much, even Salis. She doesn't understand why Salis was forced to leave and anxiously wants her to return to the family so that she can see her more.
The third oldest Akidad sister and the closest to Salis in age. Pandora hates everyone, with the exception of her family members (not including Salis) and even they are lucky to get some amount of appreciation out of her. She doesn't talk much and is very hard to locate or get in contact with. She prefers an isolated life of studying black magic and reading books involving vampires and werewolves and such. The only being that she has allowed to live with her is her Hand Daru.
Daru is a Eurasian-goblin type HAND. He is very sarcastic and funny and knows what buttons to push to piss people off. He comes from a long line of goblins that roam Europe and Asia, causing mischief as they go. His origins and cause of death are unknown...
Mistress Akidad is a Quebecan born sorceress who feels that it is the greatest honor in the world to have descended from a long line of sorcerers. She is Salis's very conservative mother and believes that the family is something that should always stick together... be it by love or by force. In a very furious rage, she cast Salis out of the family for wanting to study magic on the side instead of dedicating her life to pursuing it like her sisters and she did. Now, she is willing to take Salis back in, under certain circumstances. Mistress Akidad has a very short temper and feels that she is always right, no matter what. Though she is very knowledgeable in magic, she is not a high sorceress and pales in comparison to Selena.
Commonly refered to by Emeradia as "Biff", no one but Jakal knows who this creature really is. Supposedly, he, Jakal, and Jakal's ally Lost were involved in an incredible battle several thousand years ago. As of now, he has no definite form and possesses whatever creature he wishes. His true motives are not known, but he claims to be Gah's original creator and that he will stop at nothing to rid himself of Jakal. As of now, he is lying inside Emeradia's head, plotting their revenge together.
If you haven't figured it out, Gah Cat belongs to Gah. She is a fun loving, video game playing kitty who likes to take naps on top of other people's heads. Her cuteness is magnified by her hat.
Phantos is Olivia's Hand- a unique breed of dog with a high level of intelligence. His main task is to protect Lily from harm (that is, when he is not trying to avoid what he considers cruel and unusual punishment by babysitting her).
Einz is Mistress Akidad's HAND and Zoey's "ex it-friend". This is because Einz has no gender. He is an undead composite- a zombie made of the parts of other creatures. While this presents certain ethical issues even amongst those well versed in sorcery, there are definite benefits as well; the most favorable is the option to use the abilities of the creatures that compose his body. Einz is a very laid back individual who loves poetry, metaphors, and studying foreign languages. Despite being pitted against Zoey by his master, Einz does love her very much and constantly wishes for her companionship.
Lee is not a HAND, but a Chinese half vampire acting under the servitude of Ellis Akidad (whom he coincidentally holds a romantic relationship with). He's also extremely perverted. He's very old and knows how to manipulate people to get his way. Contrary to popular opinion, he requires no blood to continue living, nor is he allergic to sunlight. Instead, Lee absorbs his power from the spiritual energy of those around him. For normal humans, his prolongued presence may pose a health risk, but most sorcerors are unphased by this because of they're high spiritual powers. However, because zombies have no spiritual energy, Lee tends to avoid hanging around them (with the exception of Einz).